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Experience and network make the difference. We are your market access accelerator for Japan and Europe!
Experience and network make the difference!

Japan’s export industry has been always a strong backbone of the Japanese economy. But looking at the reality only 5 to 10% of all Japanese companies are actively participating in such exports and when it comes to the establishment of really successful European subsidiaries the figures are even more shocking. Export is not key to success anymore. In order to keep up with the requirements of markets a local presence with R&D or and production is essential. This is especially valid for Europe, where even strong Japanese Player still struggle to get established. But especially the heart of the European industry is key to global success. Winning customers in Germany opens gates in China and the US. Like never before Europe is open for partnerships, JVs and even M&A in which companies have the chances to grow through technology leadership or innovation. In return many European companies are looking for partnerships with Japanese companies to get access to their customers.

CBI has specialized on opening the gates in both directions here and is ready to open Europe for you. The European Market was first seen as an export market, but with the unification of the EU markets in the 90ies the EU has become an especially important target for FDI. Purely sales-oriented investment shifted step by step to manufacturing and also R&D and at the same time European companies became a promising target for M&A.

Today as Japan’s competitive edge is eroding in his home markets the investments in foreign countries again became a successful mean to strengthen the worldwide position of Japanese companies and FDI in Europe are again increasing also for SMEs. Cross Border Management tasks became at the same time a big challenge for many companies. Tilo I personally think that this is not hot enough. I personally would target all the small mid-sized companies who have to go outside to survive….

Japanese big sized companies and their big suppliers have long-since finished their globalization. But Europe stays for many companies a challenge as the technology and quality requirements are so different from Japan.

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