Sustainability & Renewable Energy

Sustainable Development for a Peaceful and Prosperous life
CBI Partners focuses during the sustainability projects on process excellence, resource efficiencies and new technologies and applications.

Sustainable development comprises many aspects for a peaceful and prosperous life, it includes human life in particular with all social, health and community dimensions and life in nature in general with all climate, botanical and animal as well as natural resource dimensions. The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development has been adopted by the United Nations and this has become more and more relevant for the economic development for nations and all stakeholders in the economy.

CBI Partners focusses during the sustainability projects on process excellence, resource efficiencies and new technologies and applications. Process reviews increase efficiencies and effectiveness, resource efficiencies save first of all costs and increase quality and new technologies and applications strengthen the readiness of the organization for the market needs and customer expectations. To reduce the CO² footprint of the production and administration and to reduce external effect safeguards the competitiveness and the credibility of the organization. The more sustainability will become a factor for the judgement of the future creditworthiness of the company the more KPIs that can measure the sustainability factors need to be developed and implemented for internal controlling measured and for the external communication.

Insurance companies and banks will focus their services more and more to companies with a high sustainability factor. The earlier companies start to develop and implement these measures the easier it will be to ensure funding for new investments and to find the necessary insurance policies. Sustainability becomes hence a clear differentiating factor for product and process competitiveness. Customers, banks, insurance companies and other production partners will base their decisions on these factors. Now it is the time to prepare for this challenge in the future!

Sustainability becomes then a very comprehensive view on the organization:

  • Products
  • Production
  • Supplier Management
  • Logistics
  • External factors (CO² foot print and other green house gases)
  • Energy efficiency
  • New technologies
  • Technology competence
  • Vertical integration
  • Ability to reuse and to recycle material
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