Many of us want change as long as we do not have to change ourselves in the process.

Change impacts established routines and the work-environments of people. It also touches the values and established interests of employees and management. Change management can only be successful and sustainable, if it gets emotional acceptance by the major parties involved.

Organisational change needs a structured approach with the right leaders and tools. It is a top management skill, which needs experience and often external facilitation, because change cannot simply be ordered and only grows across borders, if it is implemented correctly.

“Change before you have to.”

CBI Partners (Cross Border Implementation) has its roots in the management of rapidly growing and changing international businesses. We have the experience to manage change and involve your organisation systematically and systemically in the process. Our specialists provide targeted hands-on support to teams managing rapid change and growth. Business practice, cultural and organisational borders are factors, which have to be managed and are not an explanation or justification for failure.

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