Welcome to CBI Partners (Cross Border Implementation), where we specialize in helping rapidly growing and dynamic international businesses navigate the challenges of change and expansion. With a strong foundation in managing diverse teams and adapting to new circumstances, we understand the crucial need for skilled and agile professionals. Our team of specialists is dedicated to providing targeted and hands-on support, drawing from practical experience to assist your teams in effectively managing rapid change and fostering growth. We recognize the importance of addressing cultural, business practice, and organizational barriers, viewing them as challenges to be overcome rather than excuses for failure. At CBI Partners, we pride ourselves on our diverse backgrounds and expertise, ensuring we have the perfect blend of nationalities and skills to cater to your specific needs. As seasoned professionals with a proven track record of successful change implementation and business growth, we know what it takes to achieve tangible results in your operations. “Our experts collaborate closely with your team to implement projects seamlessly!” Partner with CBI Partners today, and let us help you navigate the complexities of international business while achieving your goals efficiently and effectively.

Rooted in Japan – Grown into  Cross-Border-Experts

Welcome to CBI Partners, a visionary organization founded in Japan, empowering managers to focus on their strengths. Specializing in cross-border business strategies and change management, we overcome obstacles and foster growth. Led by multiple specialists, our expertise opens new frontiers, breaking down geographical, organizational, and cultural barriers. Whether it’s transformation or recovery, we’re here to guide you. Join CBI Partners for a rewarding journey in the global marketplace, embracing sustainable growth and unparalleled success.


Our holistic approach to business; neglecting any single factor creates deficiencies!
We apply this approach to large projects and in most cases it also acts as an effective tool for confirming all important points are considered even when we launch smaller supporting projects.

To achieve this, we help organisations bring the four major aspects of business together – Finance, Customer, Company Processes and Human Resources. Our specialists cover a wide range of cultural backgrounds and have managed companies in various sectors at CEO and Regional VP level, bringing with them a proven track record of business growth, management and turnaround in Asia, Europe and N. America. While we are based in Japan, our projects follow our customers – we are currently engaged in projects in Germany, China, Korea, Japan and India. In a recent major project CBI Partners achieved a “first” for a major European Automotive supplier by establishing mass-production successfully in Japan without the need for a joint venture. The project launched successfully despite the bankruptcy of the parent company and the Japanese subsidiary being only recently established.