Why are we different

While we advise you about cross-border selling, we represent companies from Asia in Europe and vice versa. Cross-border sales are a daily reality and not a theoretical approach.

“Create and Maintain Connections IS Essential For Business Success”

The further the sales function is decentralized and disconnected from central functions, the more difficult it becomes for your sales team to sell a brand deliver, a brand promise.

We have the experience, methods, and tools to ensure that your decentralized sales teams stay connected to your value chain, which will deliver the right products for your target markets.

Recognizing that qualified sales is the core of you business we offer:

  • Voice of Customer Analysis
  • Sales Team Development (Sales Trainings, People Development )
  • Sales Channel Management definition and implementation
  • CRM Implementation
  • Market Research
  • Representation
  • Market-Potential Screening and Sounding
  • Pricing

To sell successfully, it is vital that a substantial understanding of the market and potential customers is built-up.

“We will support you in pioneering a comprehensive marketing concept through strategy and analysis, as well as effective promotion, product mix, product pricing, distribution and development of your USP.”

These key factors are crucial to building a successful company within Asia and Europe. We assist you in identifying key opportunities, evaluating potential obstacles and planning market launch accordingly.