How Will Electrification Affect Your Business?

A View from the Former Leader of Powertrain Innovation at Honda R&D
Suggestions on how to position your company to become the supplier of choice for global automotive groups
Key points for optimising your engineering activities by leveraging diversity and tailoring your offering
Automotive industry executives are facing an unprecedented combination of economic and technological change. This seminar will address some of the key questions facing vehicle manufacturers and suppliers in formulating their strategies to emerge as the “new winners” with a leading market position. How to recognize and take the opportunities?
Fumiya Suga
Senior Partner
Mr. Fumiyasu Suga, Senior Partner @ CBI has spent two decades formulating technical strategy and developing, hands-on, innovative powertrain and transmission solutions for Honda Motors. He has asked deep questions about the future of the OEM-Supplier relationships. He has written or co-authored 500 patents. In this one-hour session, you will hear his view of some of the key questions facing the automotive industry and then participate in an open Q&A pooling the experience of all participants.

Who Should Attend:

Business leaders from the automotive industry looking for input to their decision making in a rapidly changing environment
CEOs and Directors of foreign-owned and Japanese companies looking for ways to grow their global businesses
R&D leaders looking for input into their future technical and organisational strategy
Anyone interested in debating the future of the global OEM-Supplier relationships and the structure of the automotive industry in the coming years
Time and Format:

Tuesday, 27th of April,  15:30 to 16:30 JT (8:30 - 9:30 CET)
Platform: Teams Meeting
Presentation Q&A
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David Syrad

(Managing Partner CBI)
30 years executive experience in automotive. Former CEO Asia Inalfa Group.


Major Takeaways:

Possible scenarios for the future supply chain structure and the relationships between automotive suppliers and OEMs
Insight into what Japanese OEMs want from suppliers
Solutions to some of the problems in delivering cross-border engineering excellence
Suggestions for how to prepare your organisation to be a winner in the new landscape
Insights and perspective from other industry leaders

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