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CBI has the experience the methods and the tools to develop your team!
Behind any product, service, company it is the people who decide about the ultimate success and who make the customer experience unique.

Well trained and integrated employees with the right motivations will proactively support the company to grow and challenge new boundaries continuously. Headquarters of smaller and mid-sized subsidiaries, tend to neglect the task of human-resource development by mainly applying a global "One fits all concept" instead of considering local needs.

Especially in Asia, where different education systems, society values and customer cultures appear, building the right cross-border team is a significant challenge. The employees have to be fully compatible with the local market needs and at the same time effective in the global organisation & your specific company culture. Building a team with employees who can cover this complete range of skills and qualifications is costly and extremely challenging. CBI often encounters companies, that tend to focus on English skills rather than expertise and experience.

Let us to quote Peter F. Drucker: "Allow people to operate from strength". For example, by adding one bilingual manager with the right managing skills, communication skills, experience and expertise, you can much easier find local experts for your team, especially when it comes to functions required to create satisfied clients, such as application engineering, production preparation and local services. On many positions, you won't need English speaking staff, once your org-chart is defined correctly.

CBI supports you to define a clear org-chart, set up the respective skill-and-qualification matrixes and create a clear local Job-Description. We will discuss and determine the level of local empowerment of each position. Even more, we offer experts who will assess potential candidates. This will create an effective, deeply localised team. We also provide you with what your employees and leaders finally need to achieve excellence that makes the difference – training and coaching.

Based on your company culture and values, we have the expertise to build our clients their holistic HR House, starting with company rules to promotion- over training-programs to retirement plans.

Our services cover:

-    Gap Analysis to identify where to start improvements

-    Organisation Development Programs to define the right organisation, and to focus on developing the right skills to the correct function, to make your org-chart an effective weapon.

-    We also offer a Human Resource Development Program.

-    Especially during times of establishment of your local organisation, we support crisis, change and interim management.

For our services, we use our in-house-developed tools, such as organisational fitness-checks, as well as tools for which we are certified like MBTI® and re-teaming. We are constantly engaged in HR-Management and development of all level of managers up to CEOs. Our Training covers a wide range from Management Training to Negotiation Training, Sales Training and many more.

One of our core values is to take responsibility for results and relationships. Use our experience to build your cross-border team.

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