Strategy Definition & Operational Consulting

CBI is founded by operational hands-on managers who are focusing on creating value.
When things have to be done quickly, efficiently and reliably we support organisations in achieving their operational targets

Plant a tree in Asia the same way you would in Europe. It won’t grow. Why? Because the surrounding conditions are different. The same applies to businesses to be executed in different cultural environments. In order to successfully grow a company outside its home-territory, one has to adjust products, services and their offerings to the local needs. Instead of thinking “What works here must work there”, experienced managers develop solutions with their global teams to adjust to the local market needs, culture and constantly changing environments.

CBI – cross-border-implementation was born out of the need to establish sustainable businesses in Asia and Europe which have the capability to grow and to adjust to changing markets. In today’s complex world with fast communication structures, an increasing amount of available information and complex matrix organisations, we need more than just capable managers to succeed in this task. We need tools and methods and experience to guide teams in a successful direction to develop a shared, committed strategy.

Transparency about the status quo and a managed alignment process, which result in an agreed strategy to be implemented by empowered local teams are in our opinion the key-success factors to get it right. This process with the correct involvement of all stakeholders, makes culture a business factor, which is managed in projects and does not serve as an excuse for failure. Managing and facilitating this process is where CBI has developed its core-competence. We have the tools and methods and we have service packages which support solutions for different situations and challenges.

Our holistic approach helps us to analyse where your company stands and which challenges it faces. For this we use our tools, developed in house such as fitness-checks or Merger & Acquisition Failure Modes and Effect Analysis.  Based on your needs we create transparency, a shared understanding of what has to be done and solutions for you. Our 5 core service areas are: Renewable Energy & Sustainability, Operational Consulting, M&A and Partnerships, Interim Management, Human Resource and Organsiational Development. We can assign project-managers, facilitators or a crisis manager or take the operational lead as interim managers. In this capacity we have built plants for clients, managed insolvencies, represented companies, bought and sold businesses, established growth and down-sized organisations in major restructuring projects. We have guided companies in Asia through IPOs and established global governance and reporting standards. We also represent clients on a long-term basis in Asia.

Our Core values are:

  • To take responsibility for results and relationships
  • To strive for excellence and to cultivate a Growth Mentality
  • To communicate openly
  • To play as a team and to respect diversity
  • To be committed

These values have guided us in working on major projects with our clients since our foundation in 2006.

We are a pragmatic, operations driven, hands on team and are eager to listen to the challenges you face in creating your aligned cross-border-team! Through working on a wide range of projects with numerous clients from various industries, we have gained the experience to get things done - this is what our clients profit from today.

CBI stands for Cross Border Implementation; our deep understanding of the success factors will help your business grow.

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