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We get a short term mandate to analyse the situation, execute interviews , research with all stake holders and develop suggestions for improvements . Clients can choose to implement the improvements with CBI support or internally. In most real crisis situations, we join the management team in order to achieve the necessary leverage with all stake holders.

CBI’s experience:

Interdisciplinary team:

CBI’s interdisciplinary team has deep experience in the management of crises. We have the expertise to guide the team to the right decisions. The effective, practical implementation of these decisions is equally important. The team has to follow-through with the right resources and create the desired outcome even in a highly challenging environment. To achieve this, they need commercial, financial, legal, HR, change management, technical and negotiation-expertise.


Managing the fallout in Japan from one of the most significant insolvencies in German automotive history, Karmann, by successfully restructuring numerous companies, managing downsizing after the Lehmann Shock and by keeping businesses operational after the Tsunami in 2011.


We know how to negotiate major deals with customers and how to align teams towards new targets. In all our projects we apply our holistic approach, a combination of technical, HR, finance, legal and market-specific customer know how. We also turned around underperforming businesses in China and India understand what a crisis means for all involved people and how to motivate them to come out of a crisis as winners.


Often, in a crisis, the head office management team is stretched and unable to support group subsidiaries fully. This is particularly true of the current COVID-19 crisis and especially significant for Japanese subsidiaries.

Changes to government rules and regulations are poorly managed and require interpretation. The processes for applying for government support for staff and the business are complicated and require judgement. Supply chains are interrupted, cash flow is reduced or stopped, and the company is unable to produce.

Local management is often unprepared for these challenges, unable to explain the situation clearly or has not learned or been empowered to manage with the necessary authorization. This creates a paralyzing effect in a crisis, especially in case of Japanese companies, which are naturally hierarchically structured.

When the Lehmann Shock hit the world in 2008 we were working on a project in Japan building a plant which was due to start production in April 2009. We met the target date for SOP with all requirements.

Unfortunately, on the same day, the client’s parent company filed for bankruptcy as a result of the global financial crisis. We were involved, engaged, committed.

We were providing the CEO and several other lead-functions in the Japanese entity.

We did not step back, we went through the crisis with the business in Japan, did not miss a single delivery to the client and restructured the going-concern for a successful change of owner in 2010, the financial and legal impact on all involved parties was brutal and complicated, but nobody went to court or stopped the lines. 

 In parallel we managed the down-sizing of many other clients in Japan. All of them came stronger out of the crisis than they were before!... 

…just to be hit by the triple tsunami catastrophe in 2011. The process with several clients started again: 

▪ What can we still afford? 

▪ What is our social responsibility? 

▪ How can we secure deliveries and services to clients? 

▪ Where are additional chances which we would not have without the crisis (M&A, weak competitors, price increases, release of incapable people under “loss-making-unit protection)? 

▪ How do we have to change our business-model, our processes, our offering? 

We have provided leadership, guidance and resources during both of the recent major crises in Japan. We know how to develop and implement a strategy which focuses on business-continuity fast. We have the experience, the expertise and the legal understanding to also support your business in Japan to develop chances out of situations which seem hopeless.  

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What makes Us Special ?

At Cross Border Solution we understand that most business processes in the 2020's are dictated by the underlying software in spite of the desired design and outcome. Finding the right software solution to fit the desired outcome of a business process is critical to any re-engineering.


What is The Challenge

Process re-engineering is a continuous highly complex management task reflecting multiple external and internal factors. It needs thorough analysis, planning and implementation rules. Our experience and support secures your effective implementation.

Processes must Satisfy Essential Business needs

Process Re-engineering is strongly triggered by the needs of either new customers, new business fields, internal and external growth, digitalization efforts, new legislations, new technologies, financial restrictions and many more.

Even process owners often have difficulties to describe their current and future requirements and need support. especially from management and the project management organization.

Re-engineering a set of logically related business tasks performed to achieve a more effective business outcome Business Process re-engineering includes business process redesign, business process transformation, and business process change management.

Work with People Who Have Practial Experience:

Our coaches have managed organisations on all levels.

"Do not measure me by my successeses, measure me by how often I have failed and successfully recovered." (T. Edison)
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  • Reteaming
  • MBTI®
  • Insights® Discovery
  • Personal Strategy and Target Setting
  • Change Road-Maps
  • Change Protocolls
  • Feedback Protocolls
  • Hansen Breck Training Elements
  • Presentations Trainings.
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