Market Side failures

On the other side, many leaders who have successfully grown companies from local start-ups to mid-sized operations in Asia or Europe lack the leadership and expertise to manage these companies in the worldwide framework of a big global corporation. Often such managers who would do an excellent job on the market-side fail because they cannot manage the complexity of global corporate culture, communication, governance and compliance.

Clear Local Leadership

In both cases above, experienced local executives who deeply understand cross-border business are missing and difficult to find. Especially during Covid-19, the daily presence of a determined and clear local leadership is key to implementing measures quickly and effectively.

Cross Border Solutions

We provide European and Japanese External Directors and board members with the cross-border expertise to manage your business according to your needs and take full responsibility for growth strategy creation and well-managed implementation.


We provide European and Japanese External Directors and board members with the cross-border expertise to manage your business according to your needs and take full responsibility for growth strategy creation and well-managed implementation. Highly-effective local management available on-demand to suit all situations.
M&A and partnerships:

Finding qualified partners to represent your business as agents or distributors or finding a company which you can acquire to gain the right scale.

Run your company: CBI is already running virtual companies for clients, employing the required resources to create customer value and growth. CBS handles all administration and management. Some companies have placed the experts they need to show a capable presence in Japan in the CBS office to minimise overhead expenditure.

Downsizing and Turnaround: Supporting you in deciding on and implementing the proper structure.

Strategy definition and implementation

Pinpointing out where you have to improve - Fitnesschecks


We represent companies in Japan.

We manage companies in Japan.

We are on the board of companies in Japan

We develop strategies for companies to be successful in Japan

We have been where you are now!

Most situations you experience has hurdle are routine process for us to resolve

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  • Research and strategy definition
  • A team of experienced bilingual, cross-border experts on an on-demand basis, covering all sales, commercial, technical and administrative requirements..
  • A virtual company - address, phone number and name cards in your company name.
  • Logistics and back-office support on an on-demand basis if you need to start importing and delivering products
  • Distributor selection and management
  • Support in setting up your own legal entity when the time comes
  • Additional staff to strengthen your organisation during the set up and growth stages
  • Performance gap analysis and strategy review
  • Personnel and organisational evaluation
Market Entry Europe Jpn. Version
Download our Market Entry Automotive
Market Entry Automotive Japan
Representation & Interim Management

Why are we different

While we advise you about cross-border selling, we represent companies from Asia in Europe and vice versa. Cross-border sales are a daily reality and not a theoretical approach.

"Create and Maintain Connections IS Essential For Business Success"

The further the sales function is decentralized and disconnected from central functions, the more difficult it becomes for your sales team to sell a brand deliver, a brand promise.

We have the experience, methods, and tools to ensure that your decentralized sales teams stay connected to your value chain, which will deliver the right products for your target markets.

Recognizing that qualified sales is the core of you business we offer:

  • Voice of Customer Analysis
  • Sales Team Development (Sales Trainings, People Development )
  • Sales Channel Management definition and implementation
  • CRM Implementation
  • Market Research
  • Representation
  • Market-Potential Screening and Sounding
  • Pricing

A history of cross-border market-developments:


A history of cross-border market-developments:


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Market Optimization
Market Entry Japan
Representation & Interim Management

Why CBS ?

Supply Chain Management is not just a theoretical topic for us - We established successful Organizations in Asia and Europe in different Industries.

This expertise is ready from day one of our engagement.

Our Approach

Finding the right sources with desired quality standards, optimization of supply chains and suitable warehousing form the basis of a successful procurement strategy. Managing and optimizing procurement is a central contributor to competitiveness within a market. We will support you in finding appropriate suppliers and market partners within Europe and Asia to help achieve the desired competitive advantages.

Why are we Different?

Why can we immediately leverage our experience as Product Manager ?

1) With our partners we are at home across Cultures (in Asia and Europe) and across disciplines.

2) We provide both: A hands-on Approach and the outside view of the Pig Picture

Product Management Essentials

A product manager is the owner of a product- ownership alike the father and mother of the product.
Product management is a core function of any business since it is THE role to connect the dots along the value chain and across the organization. As such it is an essential element for business success.
We offer our long Product Management expertise to give our customers Product Management the right edge. Together we develop a sustainable Product Roadmap and elaborate how to manage the entire Product Lifecycle.

Managing complexity

The complexity of Product Management requires a deep understanding of how profit can be created by combining customer-needs with product features.
Today's Successful product management means that peer groups evaluate products prior to significant investments in tools and before their launch. Social listening tools identify real customers' needs more precise than any interview. We are rooted in conservative product management and learned to support companies in transitioning to a holistic digitized product management approach.

Your Experienced Partner in Cross-Border Project Management.

Cross-Border Project Management presents unique challenges stemming partly from the company itself and from national cultural differences. This is particularly true for projects involving Asia and Europe.

Project Management is first-of-all leadership, but will not be successful without professional communication, stakeholder-, as well as time-, cost- and specification management. Project excellence is grounded in a clear and transparent methodology and requires trained people, defined processes and sufficient resources. A project manager needs negotiation skills, is a critical thinker and a good team manager. He/she also needs a lot of commitment, energy, passion and enthusiasm to convey the strategic importance into the spirit of his/her crossfunctional team! Only a well-aligned team will achieve all project targets.

CBS is your competent partner in Cross-Border Project Management. We have led and implemented numerous projects for our clients, one example being the set-up of the firstgreen-field plant of a German automotive supplier in Japan. Each Solution Partner has run multiple, wide-scope projects in different industries (automotive, trading, renewable energy, medical and others). The industries are different, but the needed competence and methodology to run the projects successfully remain unchanged. Our project approach is in line with the international IPMA standard. The solution leader is an IPMA Level B Certified Senior Project Manager.

CBS can either be part of the project organisation, taking on the roles defined by the client and supporting the projects directly or we can conduct training for the project team before the start of the project. We can also work with your team at specified milestones conducting project reviews to ensure the right quality level before moving to the next milestone.

  • Strategic Alignment
  • Clear Objectives
  • Comprehensive Planning Process
  • Quality Control
  • Risk Assessment and Management
  • Constant reviews
  • Transparency and Oversight
  • Leadership
  • Utilize existing experience
  • Unforeseen event recognition/disaster recovery
  • Conflict and dead-lock resolution
  • Change management
Download Project Management PDF

Sustainable Development is based on simultaneous contribution to Economy, Society and Ecology.

It is financially viable, supports social progress and is protective to the environment.

We support companies to identify the success factors for a sustainable development, we manage the projects and train the organization to mobilise the inherent knowhow, experience and capabilities of the people.

We offer the necessary tools and trainings.

Success Factors for Sustainable Development are complex and need to be managed

Various sustainability tasks need to be reflected in the company strategy.

Value protection and value creation need to be simultaneously targeted and achieved:

  • Products & Services
  • New Technologies
  • Climate footprint
  • Resources
  • Reusability
  • Talent management
  • Competences

To know where you stand is the only way to have a successful start

A professional coach and advisor is permanently and systematically analyzing the performance, status and progress of its client, in the same way as a professional sports-team coach checks a team's performance. Why are companies successful? Why do they fail? Where can they improve the last 5% to 10% to become an outperforming team?

In 2006 we developed our holistic approach and systematically improved our system and the supporting tools. One of our powerful in-house tools is the FITNESS CHECK. It helps organisations understand where their team stands, where it can improve, and whether different stakeholders have deviating opinions about essential topics.

Our FITNESS CHECK is based on all dimensions of the holistic approach and results in a clear starting point for organisational optimisation.

Fittness-Check Flyer Download
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