Since 1968 our concept convinces corporate clients all over the world. HANSEN BECK training participants become more successful in the organisation and enjoy work as they understand the basic principle of motivation - self-motivation. a

We create heros. Where does this come from? Mr. Hansen and Mr. Beck were the skipper who brought Amundson in position for his final leap to the south-pole. Our understanding is the same. We bring your people in position to become heros. To enjoy going the extra-mile, to influence positively.

Why are we different. Because we go step by step and we make sure that trainings is combined with practizing, because learning has 4 stages:

  • See It
  • Undersand it
  • Practice
  • Make it a habit

We make sure that participants make our content a habbit.

we are not good because we have the longest tradition of behavioural trainings. We are good because we dared to change, to challenge ourselves and to adjust our training to new cultures and a changing market.

Why we use reteaming

Change is a process which includes many steps and those steps have to follow and include the human needs to feel motivation for change.

No tool fits better to empower your team to enjoy change.

The perfect tool to make your team the source for solutions

The Reteaming Programme has become the latest corporate response to working with participants' minds to maximise the potential of limited human resources. The main feature of the Reteaming programme is that it is designed to work on the minds of the participants to change their minds and behaviour. No matter how many action plans you make, if you don't have the heart (motivation), you won't be able to carry them out. On the other hand, if you don't have the know-how to take action, you can't do it no matter how much you have in your mind (motivation). The Reteaming Programme is a programme that achieves results through the interaction of mind and action.

After introducing the programme, mental changes such as an improved sense of belonging to a team, increased motivation and a sense of unity, and behavioural changes such as constructive problem-solving, energetic action, and smooth communication will be observed. It is also effective as a preventive measure for mental health care.

Reteaming fits organisational status such as the following;

  • Teams with high capabilities and motivations, which want to outperform and be more powerful
  • People criticise their company and their management, and their environment
  • People have a feeling of estrangement
  • Targets have become mere skeletons
  • In-house communication does not work effectively and regularly happening
  • Some members are becoming physically and or mentally unhealthy
  • Overall low motivation in the organisation

5 elements expected to rise after the Reteaming workshop

  1. Cooperation between members
  2. Contribution to teams
  3. Relevant and meaningful interaction
  4. Taking a step towards the goals
  5. The joy of belonging

Our licenced Reteaming Coach provides a "Reteaming Workshop", which will fully utilise the process of Reteaming 12 steps with a "Solution-focused approach".

Example of a program)

Reteaming session Part 1 (4 hours)

  1. Setting the aims and objectives of the training.
  2. Overview of Reteaming; background to the development of teaming and the basic idea.
  3. Solution-focused approach: The foundation of Reteaming is a "solution-focused approach". It is a method that focuses on solving problems rather than pursuing the causes.
  4. Teamwork experience: warm-up exercise as a prelude to learning about Reteaming.
  5. Group work through the Reteming process: Group work using the steps of Reteaming to explore solutions to the problems of the participating groups.
  6. Presentation: Participants present the "first steps you can take today" derived from the work. Participants share concrete actions to achieve their goals.
  7. Reflection

Reteaming session Part 2 (4 hours)

  1. Reconfirmation of objectives and goals
  2. Status confirmation of the goals set in Part 1
  3. Group work: Using the reteaming steps, the participants will adjust their goals as necessary and implement plans for routinisation to improve their organisational skills.
  4. Presentation
  5. Reflection

Note: Part 1 and 2 will take place with the interval of 1 ~ 2 months.

After 60 years of research and development, the current MBTI assessment is the most widely used instrument for understanding normal personality differences. Because it explains basic patterns in human functioning, the MBTI tool is used for a wide variety of purposes, including the following:

Why we are using MBTI:

Because MBTI is founded in years of research and is proven to be reliable in all countries and cultures we operate in. Professional research confirmed the reliability of the results and prevents that participants get confronted with unreliable. results.

  • Self-understanding and development
  • Career development and exploration
  • Organisational development
  • Team building
  • Management and leadership training
  • Problem-solving
  • Relationship counselling
  • Education and curriculum development
  • Academic counselling
  • Diversity and multicultural training

The MBTI tool is used widely throughout the glove and translated into more than 30 languages. Especially in the Western world, MBTI® has become a de-facto standard for educational and business institutions to help their people develop and solve the challenging issues between human beings in our daily activities.

Our Approach

The experts of the Foreign Law Joint Enterprise of Atsumi & Sakai and Janssen are asking the right questions and finding for you the right answers in the fields of cross border transactions, banking (including syndicated loans, securitization/structured finance, and project finance), M&A, energy, oil/gas, construction/infrastructure, antitrust law, cross border litigation and insolvency/ADR, the creation and management of investment funds, IP/IT practice both inbound and outbound, as well as labor and employment law.

We assist our clients with:

Structuring Cross-Border Transactions:

We enable clients to evaluate and optimise alternatives throughout the entire process: Identifying a partner or investment target, managing negotiations, then implementing the transaction.

By pointing out the relevant legal, tax, technical and cultural interfaces we enable our clients to make best use of their industry know-how and their standing in the competitive Japanese and European markets.


We enable our clients to make use of negotiations as a pivotal point to build trust for the whole transaction, without ceding ground on the central issues. Fluency in both speaking and writing the relevant local languages and the ability to manage course of the negotiations are the key to success in Japan and Europe.

Implementation of Clients’ Standards:

We help our clients implement their standards in a transaction of an investment by adjusting the clients` standards to the local standards and practices, without compromising their essence.
Best practice recognition identified by such processes is an important added value of acquisitions and cooperation.

Implementation of Clients’ Standards:

Our transaction management and documentation is focused on effectively assisting the client in the actual implementation of the transaction after closing.

M&A contracts are supported by simulations of their balance sheet effects (for the target as well as the purchaser and/or seller). Due diligence reports create full scope documentations of the target and/or transaction. To-Do lists provide concise guidance on issues to be followed up.

Saving legal costs through organized documentation:

Organizing and standardizing the legal documentation of our clients helps to avoid ineffective use of expensive legal resources.
Moreover, cost arguments can be used to keep negotiations close to standardized paths, often allowing to burden the costs of making deviations legally acceptable on the other party. Training and hot-line support for in-house counsels enable our clients to effectively use such features.

Market Side failures

On the other side, many leaders who have successfully grown companies from local start-ups to mid-sized operations in Asia or Europe lack the leadership and expertise to manage these companies in the worldwide framework of a big global corporation. Often such managers who would do an excellent job on the market-side fail because they cannot manage the complexity of global corporate culture, communication, governance and compliance.

Clear Local Leadership

In both cases above, experienced local executives who deeply understand cross-border business are missing and difficult to find. Especially during Covid-19, the daily presence of a determined and clear local leadership is key to implementing measures quickly and effectively.

Cross Border Solutions

We provide European and Japanese External Directors and board members with the cross-border expertise to manage your business according to your needs and take full responsibility for growth strategy creation and well-managed implementation.


We provide European and Japanese External Directors and board members with the cross-border expertise to manage your business according to your needs and take full responsibility for growth strategy creation and well-managed implementation. Highly-effective local management available on-demand to suit all situations.
M&A and partnerships:

Finding qualified partners to represent your business as agents or distributors or finding a company which you can acquire to gain the right scale.

Run your company: CBI is already running virtual companies for clients, employing the required resources to create customer value and growth. CBS handles all administration and management. Some companies have placed the experts they need to show a capable presence in Japan in the CBS office to minimise overhead expenditure.

Downsizing and Turnaround: Supporting you in deciding on and implementing the proper structure.

Strategy definition and implementation

Pinpointing out where you have to improve - Fitnesschecks

Our Approach

We get a short term mandate to analyse the situation, execute interviews , research with all stake holders and develop suggestions for improvements . Clients can choose to implement the improvements with CBI support or internally. In most real crisis situations, we join the management team in order to achieve the necessary leverage with all stake holders.

CBI’s experience:

Interdisciplinary team:

CBI’s interdisciplinary team has deep experience in the management of crises. We have the expertise to guide the team to the right decisions. The effective, practical implementation of these decisions is equally important. The team has to follow-through with the right resources and create the desired outcome even in a highly challenging environment. To achieve this, they need commercial, financial, legal, HR, change management, technical and negotiation-expertise.


Managing the fallout in Japan from one of the most significant insolvencies in German automotive history, Karmann, by successfully restructuring numerous companies, managing downsizing after the Lehmann Shock and by keeping businesses operational after the Tsunami in 2011.


We know how to negotiate major deals with customers and how to align teams towards new targets. In all our projects we apply our holistic approach, a combination of technical, HR, finance, legal and market-specific customer know how. We also turned around underperforming businesses in China and India understand what a crisis means for all involved people and how to motivate them to come out of a crisis as winners.


Often, in a crisis, the head office management team is stretched and unable to support group subsidiaries fully. This is particularly true of the current COVID-19 crisis and especially significant for Japanese subsidiaries.

Changes to government rules and regulations are poorly managed and require interpretation. The processes for applying for government support for staff and the business are complicated and require judgement. Supply chains are interrupted, cash flow is reduced or stopped, and the company is unable to produce.

Local management is often unprepared for these challenges, unable to explain the situation clearly or has not learned or been empowered to manage with the necessary authorization. This creates a paralyzing effect in a crisis, especially in case of Japanese companies, which are naturally hierarchically structured.

When the Lehmann Shock hit the world in 2008 we were working on a project in Japan building a plant which was due to start production in April 2009. We met the target date for SOP with all requirements.

Unfortunately, on the same day, the client’s parent company filed for bankruptcy as a result of the global financial crisis. We were involved, engaged, committed.

We were providing the CEO and several other lead-functions in the Japanese entity.

We did not step back, we went through the crisis with the business in Japan, did not miss a single delivery to the client and restructured the going-concern for a successful change of owner in 2010, the financial and legal impact on all involved parties was brutal and complicated, but nobody went to court or stopped the lines. 

 In parallel we managed the down-sizing of many other clients in Japan. All of them came stronger out of the crisis than they were before!... 

…just to be hit by the triple tsunami catastrophe in 2011. The process with several clients started again: 

▪ What can we still afford? 

▪ What is our social responsibility? 

▪ How can we secure deliveries and services to clients? 

▪ Where are additional chances which we would not have without the crisis (M&A, weak competitors, price increases, release of incapable people under “loss-making-unit protection)? 

▪ How do we have to change our business-model, our processes, our offering? 

We have provided leadership, guidance and resources during both of the recent major crises in Japan. We know how to develop and implement a strategy which focuses on business-continuity fast. We have the experience, the expertise and the legal understanding to also support your business in Japan to develop chances out of situations which seem hopeless.  

Sustainability Video


We represent companies in Japan.

We manage companies in Japan.

We are on the board of companies in Japan

We develop strategies for companies to be successful in Japan

We have been where you are now!

Most situations you experience has hurdle are routine process for us to resolve

Please download our flyers
Download: Market Access Japan
Download: Market Access Japan Automotive


What makes Us Special ?

At Cross Border Solution we understand that most business processes in the 2020's are dictated by the underlying software in spite of the desired design and outcome. Finding the right software solution to fit the desired outcome of a business process is critical to any re-engineering.


What is The Challenge

Process re-engineering is a continuous highly complex management task reflecting multiple external and internal factors. It needs thorough analysis, planning and implementation rules. Our experience and support secures your effective implementation.

Processes must Satisfy Essential Business needs

Process Re-engineering is strongly triggered by the needs of either new customers, new business fields, internal and external growth, digitalization efforts, new legislations, new technologies, financial restrictions and many more.

Even process owners often have difficulties to describe their current and future requirements and need support. especially from management and the project management organization.

Re-engineering a set of logically related business tasks performed to achieve a more effective business outcome Business Process re-engineering includes business process redesign, business process transformation, and business process change management.

Why are we different

While we advise you about cross-border selling, we represent companies from Asia in Europe and vice versa. Cross-border sales are a daily reality and not a theoretical approach.

"Create and Maintain Connections IS Essential For Business Success"

The further the sales function is decentralized and disconnected from central functions, the more difficult it becomes for your sales team to sell a brand deliver, a brand promise.

We have the experience, methods, and tools to ensure that your decentralized sales teams stay connected to your value chain, which will deliver the right products for your target markets.

Recognizing that qualified sales is the core of you business we offer:

  • Voice of Customer Analysis
  • Sales Team Development (Sales Trainings, People Development )
  • Sales Channel Management definition and implementation
  • CRM Implementation
  • Market Research
  • Representation
  • Market-Potential Screening and Sounding
  • Pricing

Why CBS ?

Supply Chain Management is not just a theoretical topic for us - We established successful Organizations in Asia and Europe in different Industries.

This expertise is ready from day one of our engagement.

Our Approach

Finding the right sources with desired quality standards, optimization of supply chains and suitable warehousing form the basis of a successful procurement strategy. Managing and optimizing procurement is a central contributor to competitiveness within a market. We will support you in finding appropriate suppliers and market partners within Europe and Asia to help achieve the desired competitive advantages.

Your Experienced Partner in Cross-Border Project Management.

Cross-Border Project Management presents unique challenges stemming partly from the company itself and from national cultural differences. This is particularly true for projects involving Asia and Europe.

Project Management is first-of-all leadership, but will not be successful without professional communication, stakeholder-, as well as time-, cost- and specification management. Project excellence is grounded in a clear and transparent methodology and requires trained people, defined processes and sufficient resources. A project manager needs negotiation skills, is a critical thinker and a good team manager. He/she also needs a lot of commitment, energy, passion and enthusiasm to convey the strategic importance into the spirit of his/her crossfunctional team! Only a well-aligned team will achieve all project targets.

CBS is your competent partner in Cross-Border Project Management. We have led and implemented numerous projects for our clients, one example being the set-up of the firstgreen-field plant of a German automotive supplier in Japan. Each Solution Partner has run multiple, wide-scope projects in different industries (automotive, trading, renewable energy, medical and others). The industries are different, but the needed competence and methodology to run the projects successfully remain unchanged. Our project approach is in line with the international IPMA standard. The solution leader is an IPMA Level B Certified Senior Project Manager.

CBS can either be part of the project organisation, taking on the roles defined by the client and supporting the projects directly or we can conduct training for the project team before the start of the project. We can also work with your team at specified milestones conducting project reviews to ensure the right quality level before moving to the next milestone.

  • Strategic Alignment
  • Clear Objectives
  • Comprehensive Planning Process
  • Quality Control
  • Risk Assessment and Management
  • Constant reviews
  • Transparency and Oversight
  • Leadership
  • Utilize existing experience
  • Unforeseen event recognition/disaster recovery
  • Conflict and dead-lock resolution
  • Change management
Download Project Management PDF

Rapid Provision

Interim Management needs are especially time-sensitive and rely on efficiency in search and placement. Having access to a highly experienced pool of management professionals with leadership experience in major Asian markets, we are able to assist you during times of temporary professional needs with impactful solutions.

Deployment of our interim management professionals are limited to a period of 3-15 months.


We have experience sourcing interim managers for demanding leadership and project management roles in all major Asian markets, especially Japan, Korea, China and S.E. Asia for the following situations:

  • Interim coverage of open management positions
  • Crisis and turnaround management
  • Project Management (Analysis, Market Studies, HR Assignments)

What makes us special?

With decades of experience in managing R&D organizations and developing products, we can guide you to the right decisions in vital R&D topics

We are R&D experts for Automotive, Transportation, Elevators; SW, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering

R&D and Strategy

Investing in R&D activities is essential for the future of any enterprise. The results of this investment can lead to innovative product and services, which give the decisive edge to compete in the markets.
R&D activities are long term oriented and must be immediately connected to the company strategy. Depp understanding and agreeing the core skills and knowledge and what in not is just one aspect to be considered.

Solution: Cross border Development (Automotive)

With our cross-border model we make sure to manage and adjust the unique challenges to develop products for and with overseas customer.
Dealing with communication and language limitations, Time zone difference, Cultural gaps are just a few of these challenges making the difference of success and failure of such projects.

Thanks to cultural, technical and commercial understanding, we can assign the right tasks to the right local and global skills and make sure that core competences stay in the right place.

Reference Projects

Truck Seating
Power Train
Inverter Digital Motor Control
EMC Design
Safety Systems
Embedded Real Time Systems
High Rise Elevator Systems


Learn More

R&D Processes

Product Change Managment
Qualification/Verification with OEM
Prototype setup/demonstration
Field claim Anaysis /FMEA
Inspection and Quality

Learn More

Vital R&D Managment

Stakeholder management/funding
Make our buy decisions
Global product roadmap and strategies
Structure and facilitate knowledge
Connect the dots within the organization, R&D budgeting
IP issues, technology management

Learn More

To know where you stand is the only way to have a successful start

A professional coach and advisor is permanently and systematically analyzing the performance, status and progress of its client, in the same way as a professional sports-team coach checks a team's performance. Why are companies successful? Why do they fail? Where can they improve the last 5% to 10% to become an outperforming team?

In 2006 we developed our holistic approach and systematically improved our system and the supporting tools. One of our powerful in-house tools is the FITNESS CHECK. It helps organisations understand where their team stands, where it can improve, and whether different stakeholders have deviating opinions about essential topics.

Our FITNESS CHECK is based on all dimensions of the holistic approach and results in a clear starting point for organisational optimisation.

Fittness-Check Flyer Download

Why is our approach different:
With our RETEAMING (Hyperlink) to reteaming) background, we understand that people only change if they recognise their current shortcomings and why change is the only option to create a successful future.
Our change specialists have led teams as CEO or HR Executives through significant changes, crises. We know that teams, even in highly demanding situations, can be motivated to out-perform by providing them with an environment that allows them to participate in creating their own brighter future.
We know how to overcome resistance rooted in self-defence and the natural fear of change. We have the tools and methods to provide the correct frame for change. And we will develop your organisation to a level where change becomes a routine and discipline.

Many of our in-house developed tools support change management processes:

  • Vision, Mission, Strategy Process
  • Future Requirements and Objectives 
  • Company Culture 
  • Communication Style
  • Rules&Regulations, HR Systems
  • Values, Leadership Model
  • Routines
  • Established Processes
  • Build-up and Process Organisation
  • Behavioural Training
  • Mangement-, Leadership-, Sales-Training
  • Coaching
  • Human Resource Development and Organisational Development Trainings
  • Fittness Checks
  • MBTI
  • Insight Discovery
  • Reteaming

Work with People Who Have Practial Experience:

Our coaches have managed organisations on all levels.

"Do not measure me by my successeses, measure me by how often I have failed and successfully recovered." (T. Edison)
Supporting tools & Methods


  • Reteaming
  • MBTI®
  • Insights® Discovery
  • Personal Strategy and Target Setting
  • Change Road-Maps
  • Change Protocolls
  • Feedback Protocolls
  • Hansen Breck Training Elements
  • Presentations Trainings.
  • Voice and Performing Trainings
  • ...
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